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Submarines&Periscopes | Alice Zanin

Expert in papier-mâché, with which she has created a light, floating bestiary over the years, constructed on Art Nouveau suggestions and with the warmth of the material – often left in original – in this new show at PUNTO SULL’ARTE titled “Submarines & Periscopes”, Alice Zanin presents works portraying sea animals. Next to the seahorses – long among her most beloved subjects – the sinuous sea dragons pass by, with their leaf-like fins seemingly attached to their bodies only by a slender stem, the chromodoris (or sea snails) with their sinuous movements, but also the spotted rays and surgeonfish. A symphony of bright colours, with pop suggestions, even more fascinating when one realises that these are the exact colours that these animals flaunt in nature, depicted in both papier-mâché and glossy bronze. And then a series of engravings: etchings depicted in soft colours, sometimes completed by the application of a small lens to recreate the effect of refraction of light through water.


Published on 17/05/2023