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Dentrocasa | Tom Porta

Tom Porta and the imaginary of Japan

Article by Gianbattista Bonazzoli

A tribute to the history, traditions and suggestions of this land

Tom Porta was born in Milan in 1970 and since childhood shows a strong attitude towards drawing and the arts in general. He graduated as a Master of Art and began a successful career in illustration and photography. He has lived in Italy, Germany, France, Japan and the United States and, since the dawn of his career, has chosen to merge his life experiences into his own painting.

His research focuses on the history of the 20th century, using the past as a mirror of the present. The artist is also attracted to the passage of time, narrated through objects and places chosen to invite the viewer to embark on their own personal journey within present and future memories. Defined as a photojournalist of painting for the almost photographic cuts he gives to his canvases, his recent works are presented as snapshots that pay homage to the imagery associated with Japan. The quick gesture of the brushstroke, combined with the typical precision of the Eastern masters, represents the essence of Porta’s language in recent years, a language where tradition and international trends become one.

This is how he presents himself to the readers of DENTROCASA:

“The concept of journey encompasses all the elements of the works I have created in recent years, in which, specifically, I have undertaken a long research path dedicated to Japan. If we consider the journey as a movement with a departure and a destination, a path during which one acquires sensations and thoughts, I can say that for me, the painting is the perfect representation of the journey itself.”


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Published on 12/09/2023

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