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VIRTUAL TOUR | Tabi il viaggio parte II | Tom Porta

The solo show by TOM PORTA “TABI – THE JOURNEY” continues and is brought to conclusion at PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery. After the first part, which took place last May at the second Gallery in the Historical Centre of Varese, now TABI – THE JOURNEY sees its end.

TABI is not only an exhibition, it is a departure and return in continuum. From the choice of the subject, to the first sketches, to the preparation of canvas and materials, up until the final varnishing which entrusts a precious past moment to the present, TABI is the entirety of works, and every work is TABI, a journey. Every journey, however, is also another type of suffering: it manifests itself as a lack and feeds on both wonder and pain.

Published on 03/10/2023

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