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<20 15×15/20×20 | 2022

17 artists have been invited this year to accept the challenge of the small formats, Italian and foreign painters and sculptors with different artistic paths. As in the past edition, core element of the exhibition will be the size of the works, 15×15 cm and 20×20 cm: new artworks created by the artists for this specific project.

Everyone will express himself with no technical, expressive and subject limitation: the exhibition will once again be a unique opportunity for the protagonists to put their art in the game through the experimentation of new tools and for visitors to discover and rediscover the artists in a new light.

Some of the most representative artists of the Gallery will be back this year, including ANNALÙ, CLAUDIA GIRAUDO, OTTORINO DE LUCCHI and SABRINA MILAZZO. Some of the great protagonists of this ending season will also be on show, such as TOM PORTA, ROBERTO BERNARDI, the artistic duo CASAGRANDE & RECALCATI and CIRO PALUMBO. For the first time, GIORGIO LAVERI, a master in the creation of ceramic sculptures, the Norwegian LENE KILDE, who has recently started working with the Gallery, and ALICE ZANIN, famous for her refined papier-mâché works, will also face the small format. As always, there will also be new proposals and great returns: we will find artists such as the Spanish TOMÀS SUÑOL, the highly awaited Chilean painter FEDERICO INFANTE, and the Japanese FUJIO NISHIDA; and finally, some new entries, such as LUDOVIC THIRIEZ, MAURO REGGIO and ALESSIO VACCARI, for the first time on show at PUNTO SULL’ARTE.

Published on 22/06/2022

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