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VareseNoi | Tom Porta – Punto POP

“The other side of the wind” and the journeys in the art of Il Punto Pop

Article by Mario Chiodetti

Sometimes it happens that a memory appears in memory by chance, a reference, a game of looks, gradually takes strength and turns into an image, almost more vivid than the original. In the case of Maria Elena Danelli and Gaetano Blaiotta old fragments of life joke like the leaves in circles that the wind makes dance, a mistral also the result of a “recovery”, of a cultured quote, that of an Orson Welles film. “The other side of the wind” is in fact the title – taken from “The other side of the wind”, a film of the 70s – of the exhibition that the two artists and founders of GaEle, a Cuvio publishing house specializing in artefacted art books, inaugurated at the “Il Laboratorio” gallery in via del Moro 49 in Trastevere, and open until May 14th.

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Published on 11/05/2023

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