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La Prealpina | Tom Porta

The spiritual journey in Japan | Tom Porta at PUNTO SULL’ARTE Art Gallery

Article by Mario Chiodetti

A globetrotter fascinated by the passage of time, able to grasp the signs on objects and in the stories of men, an observer who engraves his gaze on the canvas and unites past and present in a sort of experimental brotherhood. The Milanese artist Tom Porta, 52 years old, graduated Master of Art, with an important career as an illustrator and photographer behind him, after a life spent between Italy, Germany, France, the United States and Japan, since 2003 has chosen only the path of painting, entering important collections, coming to be ranked among the top 100 Italian artists and invited to participate in the 500 years of Italian painting, collection that starts from the late sixteenth century until today.

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Published on 08/04/2022

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