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January 12-14, 2024

BAF 2024

PUNTO SULL'ARTE participates in the Italian Art Fair BAF 2024 from January 12 to 14, 2024.

Bergamo becomes the meeting point for the world of Modern and Contemporary Art and of Italian Fine art . IFA, Italian Fine Art, the exclusive event dedicated to the excellence of Italian antique galleries.  BAF, Bergamo Arte Fiera, an Art Fair dedicated to modern and contemporary art. Both promoted by Ente Fiera Promoberg and hosted in the exhibition center of Bergamo. The two events already in previous editions have distinguished themselves as top artistic events for their respective sectors.

Opening hours:
Friday, January 12 | 15 pm - 19 pm
Saturday, January 13 | 10 am - 19 pm
Sunday, January 14 | 10 am - 19 pm
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Daniele Cestari, Claudio Filippini, Jernej Forbici, Claudia Giraudo, Lene Kilde, Matteo Massagrande, Sabrina Milazzo, Tom Porta, Brian Keith Stephens, Tomàs Sunyol, Marika Vicari, Valeria Vaccaro