Ferrara (IT), 1983

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Daniele Cestari creates paintings in which tradition, avant-garde, conceptualism, expressionism, abstract have found a perfect arrangement in a harmony formed from the awareness of creation and of experience. He is a natural-born architect, and this logical-geometric approach breathes in each of his canvases, filtered however through a series of gestural and chromatic emotions that seem to have their roots more in high art - from the 19th century to artists like Franz Kline - rather than the Bauhaus movement. His architectural background is also reflected in his choice of subjects; urban views urban views in which imposing buildings serve as the main characters, spreading their wings across infinite perspectives. Spots, pouring, scratches, shadows, sudden coloured stripes apparently incongruous yet essential, traverse these captivating canvases, constantly striking a delicate balance between intellect and pure emotion.

Daniele Cestari was born in Ferrara in 1983. He graduated in Architecture in 2009 and then devoted himself to painting. His artistic journey is deeply intertwined with his university studies, which he complemented with a thesis on urban planning. Within this context, he developed a fascination with the physical aspects of metropolises and urban landscapes, exploring them through painting and photography. Cestari has exhibited his works in private galleries and public spaces in Italy and abroad, including cities like Boston, London, Amsterdam, Mykonos, Sophia, Toulouse and Buenos Aires. In 2011, he was invited to showcase his work at the Emilia Romagna Pavilion during the 54th Venice Biennial. In 2014, he participated in the exhibition "Ritratti di Città - Urban Sceneries," curated by Flaminio Gualdoni, at Villa Olmo in Como. Some of his recent solo shows have taken place in Montalcino, Varese and  Boston (USA). He currently lives and works in Ferrara."