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ArteVarese | VA: 4 sguardi sulla città

Varese, “4 glimpses of the city”

At the Punto sull’Arte gallery at the opening the collective exhibition that investigates unpublished realities

Varese – With “4 glimpes of the city” the exhibition calendar continues at the Punto sull’Arte gallery. The new exhibition opens on Saturday (11 February) from 17 to 20 at the headquarters in Viale Sant’Antonio. It is a tribute to the city through the work of four artists called to express themselves, each with their own language, telling the city. The project involved: Jean-Marc Amigues, Daniele Cestari, Marta Mezynska and Tomàs Sunyol.

And so, through the different techniques and styles, the streets of the historic city center have been immortalized, Corso Matteotti, Piazza Montegrappa, Vicolo Canonichetta, along with other details of the typical rationalist architecture and the many natural landscapes that surround Varese and its lake. And that’s not all. In fact, unpublished glimpses have been portrayed, places that have intrigued and attracted artists in search of new realities lived by their emotions …

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Published on 09/02/2023

Tag: DANIELE CESTARI, Jean-Marc Amigues, marta mezynska, TOMÁS MARTÌNEZ SUÑOL