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Double Vision | Carlo Cane-Marta Mezynska

A Double Solo Exhibition Double Vision dedicated to the architecture of the dwelling sees the two painters Carlo Cane and Marta Mezynska as protagonists at PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery.

Two different points of view on the identifying habitat of mankind described by the paintbrushes of two artists with completely different sensitivities, ages and origins, but nevertheless linked by a series of pictorial affinities that lead them towards a powerful and very defined figuration. The biggest difference between Carlo Cane and Marta Mezynska, however, is determined by the choice of environment portrayed. Cane puts big country dwellings at the centre of his work, that same country in which he lives, while Mezynska – of Polish origins, but who has lived in Milan for a long time – is the chronicler of the metropolis.

Published on 11/09/2020

Tag: carlo cane, marta mezynska