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January 12th-14th, 2019

Bergamo Arte Fiera 2019

From 12th to 14th January 2019 Bergamo becomes the meeting point for the modern and contemporary art world and for the high antiques: the 2019 edition of Italian Fine Art (IFA), the exclusive event dedicated to the excellence of the High Antiques and Italian Ancient Art, and Bergamo Arte Fiera (BAF), a market exhibition dedicated to modern and contemporary art, will take place together in the Bergamo trade fair district. Both promoted by Ente Fiera Promoberg, the two art fairs have been characterized by being leading events for their respective sectors.


Annalù, Daniele Cestari, Carlo Cane, Ottorino De Lucchi, Jernej Forbici, Claudia Giraudo, Federico Infante, Alberto Magnani, Matteo Massagrande, Lara Martinato, Nicola Nannini, Johannes Nielsen, Alex Pinna, Marika Vicari