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Lara Martinato

Busto Arsizio 1971

Lara Martinato is chasing a dream of analogical and evocative painting. She preselects her themes as text, deconstructs and analyses them, traces their spiritual angst and uses it as an ideational pretext. She studies the compositional elements and exploits them within a vision in which the ground in gesso, the tempera and the oils pursue an expressive measure that declares itself as devoid of time and history, she tells the stories of used things, identifies parabolic identities, uses legends and symbolic paradigms as the essence of representation.

Lara Martinato was born in Busto Arsizio (Varese) in 1971. Following a diploma obtained at the Arts High School, she studied Art and Restoration techniques at Palazzo Spinelli in Florence and she graduated from the Université Catholique in Paris. She began her professional career as a theatrical and cinema set painter in Rome. At the same time she also worked as a restorer for the Cultural Heritage Office. After a long stay in London, she returned to Italy where she continues to conduct her artistic-conceptual research that investigates, with an autobiographical component, the realities of contemporary society and esoteric mysteries. Her works can be found in major public and private collections from St. Petersburg to Cape Town, Miami, Rome and Milan. She lives and works in Milan.