Turin, 1974

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Claudia Giraudo was born in 1974 in Turin, where she still lives and works. She graduated with full marks in 2001 at the Accademia Albertina of Fine Arts in Turin, under the guidance of Prof. Franco Fanelli. She started her research in the context of visual painting, developing her skills through the study of Renaissance and Northern European Masters; this background transpires from both her technique and her choice of the subjects, yet maintaining her personal style. She frequently exhibits in art fairs, private galleries and institutional public places. Her works belong to permanent collections and national and international museums, among which the Harmony Art Foundation in Mumbai (India), the Museo MACIST in Biella, the Museo Eusebio in Alba (CN - Italy), the Sala del Consiglio in Bossolasco (CN - Italy) and the Museo Civico in Bevagna (PG - Italy). She lives and works in Turin.