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FUN 4 KIDS | Claudia Giraudo, Lene Kilde, Sabrina Milazzo, Valeria Vaccaro


The group exhibition FUN 4 KIDS by PUNTO SULL’ARTE is now on show in Switzerland.
Four female Artists, Claudia Giraudo, Lene Kilde, Sabrina Milazzo and Valeria Vaccaro. Their paintings and sculptures will be exhibited in an exclusive venue, Art Gallery Artè Restaurant in Lugano. This elegant location, overlooking the shores of Lake Lugano, is part of the luxurious 5-star Hotel Villa Castagnola. For years, Art Gallery Arté Restaurant has been offering an irresistible combination of excellent food and art. This year our artists have been chosen to be on show until November 2024. The artists of FUN 4 KIDS focus on the contradictions and emotions that childhood generates.

Claudia Giraudo, born in Turin in 1974, brings to the exhibition a selection of her light and fairy characters. The artist paints with detailed and ancient precision, taking up the lessons of the masters of Renaissance and Northern Europe. Often linked to the world of fairy tales, her children are always engaged in mysterious dialogues with their guide animals.

Lene Kilde, born in Norway in 1981, recounts her childhood through her sculptures made of concrete and wire mesh. Although faceless, Kilde’s works convey the thousand emotions that color the world of childhood. Kilde is convinced that nonverbal communication is the most honest and she has made her artist research out of this belief.

Sabrina Milazzo, a painter from Turin born in 1975, exhibits a series of oils on canvas at very high resolution. The Disney characters that have nourished the imagination of recent generations stand out against bright and dazzling backgrounds. Milazzo, with her soft brushstrokes, depicts the passage between the age of innocence and that of awareness.

Valeria Vaccaro, an artist born in Turin in 1988, brings to Lugano her famous sculptures that enchant and deceive at the same time. The toys sculpted by the artist play with the viewer’s perception, creating a short circuit of meanings. Pencils apparently made of wood, turn out to be made of white marble, underlining the message that nothing is as it seems.

Published on 01/02/2024