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Scatole in marmo di Carrara, dipinti di camere da letto e caramelle: un autentico PUNTO SULL’ARTE

Article by Antonio di Biase

It is not easy to find art galleries capable of expressing a quality worthy of the center of Milan. Yet on the outskirts of Varese there is a truly noteworthy place. The “Ultrareale” exhibition promoted by the Galleria PUNTO SULL’ARTE in Casbeno, Varese has just ended on 4 June 2022. As the title recalls, it was an exhibition dedicated to Hyperrealism, that is, those forms of art that with various techniques reproduce reality even better than high-definition photography. Yet it is simply painting, but so real that it seems incredible that it could have been made with a brush.

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Published on 23/06/2022