You're in: EXHIBITIONS | <20 15×15/20×20 | 2024

Thursday, June 06, 2024, from 5 pm to 8 pm


Viale Sant'Antonio 59/61
Varese, Italy


06 Giugno–29 Luglio 2024
2024 | XI Edizione




<20 15×15/20×20 | 2024

18 Artists for the Exhibition <20 2024

After celebrating its tenth anniversary with great success last year, the <20 15×15/20×20 | 2024 edition, confirming itself as a highly anticipated appointment for collectors and art lovers. The OPENING RECEPTION of the exhibition will be held on THURSDAY, JUNE 6, from 5 pm to 8 pm at the main Gallery in Viale Sant’Antonio, 59/61 in Varese.

For this year’s edition 18 artists have been invited:

Simone BENEDETTO, Roberto BERNARDI, Daniele CESTARI, Valentina DIENA, Claudio FILIPPINI, Jernej FORBICI, Claudia GIRAUDO, Daniela GULLOTTA, Lene KILDE, L’orMa, Kyoji NAGATANI, Lorenzo e Simona PERRONE, Silvio PORZIONATO, Mauro REGGIO, Valeria VACCARO, Matthias VERGINER, Marika VICARI, Massimo VILLA.

PUNTO SULL’ARTE presents 18 ways to interpret art and life. As usual, gallery owner Sofia Macchi offers a wide range of artists who have embraced with curiosity and enthusiasm the possibility of confronting unconventional formats of 15×15 cm and 20×20 cm. In the exhibition, alongside well-known artists, new internationally renowned names stand out.

Among the themes addressed in this highly awaited group show, the recurring ones are introspection and reflection on our true selves, aspects explored by the elegant works of CLAUDIA GIRAUDO and Norwegian sculptor LENE KILDE. The inner feelings are also addressed by SIMONE BENEDETTO, a skilled sculptor from Turin, capable of giving shape to the psychological changes that occur during growth, and by MATTHIAS VERGINER, who reflects on the idea of the soul through wood and fabric.

Femininity and the play of gazes are instead what SILVIO PORZIONATO gives us through the painted faces of extremely fascinating and indomitable women.

The big questions of life are at the center of the work of Japanese sculptor KYOJI NAGATANI, who invites us on a journey within ourselves through sophisticated and minimalistic artworks. LORENZO and SIMONA PERRONE respond to the existential questions through culture, their LibriBianchi stand as possible ways to face life.

Exploring the exhibition, the eye is inevitably drawn to the technical perfection of the exceptional ROBERTO BERNARDI, whose oil-painted candies engage all our senses, and the talented VALENTINA DIENA, whose colored pencil works on paper seem to leap off the page. However, hyperrealism is also the characteristic aspect of the works of Massimo Villa from Varese, who is capable of astonishing with paintings that showcase superb technique and great compositional taste.

The material and its possible transformations are instead the field of investigation for artists like L’orMa, whose paper sculptures seem to defy the very nature of the material, and VALERIA VACCARO, whose astonishing technical skill makes what our eyes perceive as wood actually a solid block of marble.

CLAUDIO FILIPPINI takes us back to our childhood, painting the superheroes that characterized our childhood with playful irony and great technical mastery. The landscape, although considered a classic theme, is presented in a completely original way at PUNTO SULL’ARTE through the paintings of DANIELE CESTARI, DANIELA GULLOTTA, and MAURO REGGIO. Care and respect for the environment are instead the beloved topic of Slovenian artist JERNEJ FORBICI, while the lightness and mystery of the forest are what MARIKA VICARI tells through her delicate style.

The artworks, displayed as a continuous line, traverse the elegant halls of PUNTO SULL’ARTE, creating an unexpected continuity between completely different themes and techniques.

A BILINGUAL CATALOGUE with the reproduction of images of the works on show and the biographies of the artists is produced by PUNTO SULL’ARTE.


Simone Benedetto, Roberto Bernardi, Daniele Cestari, Valentina Diena, Claudio Filippini, Jernej Forbici, Claudia Giraudo, Daniela Gullotta, Lene Kilde, Kyoji Nagatani, L’orma, Lorenzo E Simona Perrone, Silvio Porzionato, Mauro Reggio, Marika Vicari, Valeria Vaccaro, Matthias Verginer