Tokyo, 1950

Kyoji Nagatani born in Tokyo (Japan) in 1950. He graduated at the Zoukei Arts University in Tokyo and was awarded with a degree from the Research Institute of the State University for the arts in Tokyo, Craftsmanship course. In 1976 he graduated in bronze casting at the Tokyo University for the Arts. After that, he won a scholarship from the Italian Government in 1981 and in 1984 he graduated from the Accademia di “Belle Arti di Brera” under the tutorship of the sculptors Enrico Manfrini and Alik Cavaliere. Among Nagatani’s most important works we remember the Monument for the Communal Theatre of Hachioji in Tokyo, “Sedia del Vento (The Wind Chair)” for the Open Museum of Usukushi - ga-hara in Nagano, “La Porta del Vento (The Wind Door)” for the open museum of sculpture in Hakone, “Il Seme (The Seed)” for the Building School in Bergamo (Seriate) and three monuments for the public Gardens in Yoshikawa City (Saitama). In 2009 he wond the Arts Prize (for sculpture) of the Circolo della Stampa in Milan - Associazione Culturale Indro Montanelli. He lives and works between Tokyo and Milan.