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Valentina Diena

Milano, (IT) 1996

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You never stop being amazed when you look at Valentina Diena's works. Observing them, you wonder if "it's a photograph?" or if "it's really a drawing?". Well, yes, those detailed objects that seem to jump off the page are the result of the exceptional technical skill of the young artist. But her art goes beyond the faithful reproduction of reality in pencil, it is an anthropological research conducted through everyday objects that Diena analyzes in detail. What she gives us is not a simple consumer object, but an exact denial of the industrial product through a technique with a strong conceptual charge.

Valentina Diena was born in Milan in 1996. Her interest in art began at a very young age and guided her towards a high school path with an artistic focus. Her inclination towards figurative arts and graphic and painting disciplines led her to attend the painting program at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where she graduated with honors in 2019 and 2022 (under the guidance of Prof. Omar Galliani). In recent years, she has collaborated with various contemporary Italian artists and has held collective and solo exhibitions in Italy, including the collective exhibition "Self Portrait" at the San Pietro all'Orto Museum in Grosseto (2021), the solo exhibition "Sunset Jazz" at the Ex Convento San Francesco in Treviso (2022), the two-person exhibition "Veleni Sospesi" and the annual group show “<20 15x15/20x20” at PUNTO SULL’ARTE 2023 in Varese. Her artistic production has been featured in American art and literary magazines such as Pigeon Review and The Purposeful Mayonnaise. In 2024, the prestigious Italo-German VAF Foundation selected her as one of the thirteen finalists for the 10th edition of their prestigious award. She lives and works in Milan.