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Valentina Diena and art as comfort and revolt

An empty bottle of precious “Armand De Grignac” champagne can become a symbol of revolt, turning into a molotov cocktail ready to be lit, at least in the pictorial intentions of Valentina Diena, whom the French “brut” costing 300 euros has masterfully reproduced on paper in a 76×112 work entitled “Feeling good.”

It is one of the latest works by the Milanese illustrator born in 1996 and graduated in painting from Brera in 2015, who has always been linked to hyperrealism and the use of colored pencils, with which she reproduces objects of everyday use such as shoes, plastic toy soldiers, chess, electronic cigarettes, cables or wall phones.

We meet her at the main venue of the PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery, at 59/61 Viale Sant’Antonio in Varese, where she has brought “Icons,” her latest recently finished work, a “balloon dog” perfectly packaged with a scotch tape with the word “fragile” written on it, measuring 40×40. The Milanese artist is also exhibiting some of his works in the gallery’s current show, titled “<20 15×15/20×20,” and has a painting on permanent display at PUNTO POP of PUNTO SULL’ARTE, 3 San Martino della Battaglia Street in Varese. Elegant in black and white, many piercings and tattoos, a pendant recalling her love of cats, Valentina talks about her passion for drawing, born, one might say, with her.

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Published on 15/07/2023

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