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Claudio Filippini

Castenedolo (IT), 1953

Claudio Filippini is a versatile artist, capable of developing classical themes such as landscapes and then moving on to more POP suggestions like superheroes, not remaining indifferent to the latest trends in the contemporary art scene. The characteristic that connects the different subjects of his extensive production is the ability of each work to attract the viewer, almost wanting to reassure and fascinate them with its execution and representation. Filippini presents comic book heroes in strange situations, outside the context in which we are used to seeing them, engaged not in saving the world, but in the everyday tasks that characterize each of us. Almost wanting to communicate that, in the end, every superhero is also deeply human.

Claudio Filippini was born in Castenedolo in 1953. He attended some drawing courses at the Bresciani Artists Association. His artistic activity began in 1976 when he held his first solo exhibition, followed by many other exhibitions. Among these, we remember, in 2003, the solo exhibition curated by Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz, artistic director of Brescia Museums, and accompanied by an important publication. Throughout his career, he has also participated in numerous industry fairs. He lives and works in Brescia.