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AMERICAN Illusions | Jean-Marc Amigues, Claudio Filippini, Andrea Gnocchi

In this new exhibition which opens 2021 at PUNTO SULL’ARTE, America is narrated through the voices of three artists who have mostly chosen the urban landscape as their subject. Three artists who, relying on highly diverse techniques, invite us to reflect on the persuasive quality of the image, on its degree of truthfulness and on the traps of perception. The OPENING RECEPTION of the trio show entitled AMERICAN Illusions will take place on Saturday, February 6, from 3 to 8 pm, only by appointment.

The Frenchman Jean-Marc Amigues constructs his visions in brush tip with a surgical verisimilitude, then immerses them in a fog of glazes that confuse the contours and creates a noir atmosphere, while overturning the perspective to open the painting into large areas of emptiness, a wink at the abstract. By contrast, Claudio Filippini engages the viewer with a conceptual challenge, disseminating his millimetres seen in full HD with a series of vivid pictorial details that contradict the hyper-realistic appearance and warm the atmosphere, communicating sonorous vibrations and suggestions. Finally, Andrea Gnocchi constructs his aerial views by stripping the image of human presence and any superfluous detail, reducing the architecture to abstract counterpoints of whites and blacks and then letting a fantastical chromatism overflow that emphasises the creeping sense of unreality.

Published on 12/02/2021

Tag: Andrea Gnocchi, CLAUDIO FILIPPINI, Jean-Marc Amigues