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Lorenzo e Simona Perrone

Milan, (IT) - Florenze, (IT) 1944 - 1958

For more than twenty years, Lorenzo and Simona Perrone have dedicated themselves to the development of LibriBianchi, a work of art that expresses their personal artistic research. Their goal is to deeply explore the world of books, firmly asserting the connection between books and culture as synonymous with civilization. Their artistic language involves the use of real books, on which they intervene with glue, chalk, and water, and then add external materials such as barbed wire, glass, stones, wood, and white paint. In this way, Simona and Lorenzo Perrone bring about a transformation of perception: the book, transformed into a sculpture, becomes something archetypal, a symbol of culture and knowledge. The themes addressed by the two Milanese artists, due to their social significance, are linked to artivism.

Lorenzo Perrone was born in Milan in 1944 and from an early age developed a great passion for publishing and painting. He attended a painting course at Castello Sforzesco and the Scuola del Libro dell'Umanitaria. His professional career began in the field of graphics and communication, and for about forty years he lived between Milan, London, and New York. Since the 2000s, Lorenzo Perrone has dedicated himself exclusively to sculpture.

Simona Vanzetto was born in Florence in 1958 and studied there. Her professional career started in Paris, where she expressed herself through costume, fashion and photography. In the 90s, she returned to Italy and opened a small creative studio in Tuscany. Passionate about art, in 2006 she met Lorenzo Perrone and a deep bond of life and artistic research was formed between them, leading to the creation of the LibriBianchi project. They live and work in Milan.