You're in: EXHIBITIONS | Invisible Alchemies | Claudia Giraudo

Saturday, November 11, 2023, 11 am - 1 pm


Viale Sant'Antonio 59,61
Varese, Italia


November 11 - December 23, 2023


9.30-5.00 pm



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Invisible Alchemies | Claudia Giraudo

The refined painting of CLAUDIA GIRAUDO returns to PUNTO SULL’ARTE with “INVISIBLE ALCHEMIES”, a solo show on the golden and dreamlike world of childhood. The OPENING RECEPTION of the exhibition will be held on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11 from 11am – 1pm at the main Gallery in Viale Sant’Antonio 59/61 Varese (Casbeno).

Claudia Giraudo exhibits ten paintings dedicated to her research on the world of childhood, an investigation that begins from within, guided by the Daimon, the guide that accompanies us through our life’s journey spurring us on to follow that which is most suited to our personal fulfillment. The artist decided to live in solitude in a small village in the province of Asti, in dialogue with herself and her oneiric part, giving the observer the faces of little girls and the bodies of animals, in a game of continuous references that indicate the difficult and restless path of childhood.

Giraudo’s painting recalls Magic Realism and, if on one hand we can see the pictorial influence of the Italian Renaissance masters, which gives a context of great realism, on the other it creates situations that depict a vision of reality suspended in the dream world. The artist continuously draws on her inner world, perhaps out of a sense of disillusionment with a certain contemporary reality, almost tending to flee it. Magic Realism seeks amazement, wonder, to find sensations that bypass the ordinary world to create new and unpredictable ones.

«For Giraudo, painting is a fundamental need, the bread and water of existence, and hers is painting of utmost technical perfection in constant flux, variable like human life, continuously changing, like the colours of the dragonfly or chameleon. They are lives in bloom, those which Claudia chooses to represent, children captured in their primordial beauty, before age has made gender differences apparent, portraits in which the gaze is lost in the distance or reflected inside, perhaps in a conscious meditation or in the search for each child’s personal Daimon», reads the introductory text to the exhibition.

«The children in Claudia Giraudo’s paintings, followed by their Daimons as in Philip Pullman’s novel, “The golden compass”, don’t actually exist, they are not portraits of real people but of archetypes, invented faces and bodies that repeat themselves endlessly, with their gaze on the world, our world, made above all of material things, far from the “invisible” that the artist wants to represent. The repetition of somatic characteristics, such as the red hair or the freckles, are a reflection of the subconscious, an instinctive gesture, “a gut feeling”, which Claudia has always celebrated, together with the continuous search for the animal-medicine, the spirits of Nature invoked by the Native Americans, archaic totems capable of guiding our actions for our entire life».

 The exhibition will be open until December 23, 2023.


Claudia Giraudo