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ECHOES | Lene Kilde Catalogue

ECHOES is the title that Lene has chosen for her first solo show at PUNTO SULL’ARTE, with the idea that the sculptures reflect the thoughts of the viewer and thus fill the void (only intentionally apparent) that “breathes” beyond the hands, the waist, the legs, the girls’ busts, subject of lengthy research. A breath that would seem an oxymoron compared to the “weight” of what is used to create: concrete and wire mesh, certainly not, in their substance, materials that give the idea of ​​lightness.

But the final step must be taken by the imagination, first and foremost that of the artist, and then by those who enjoy the work, perhaps digging up childhood memories, games and habits, even whims or passions, filling that “wind” that passes through the imagined body of the subject with real life.

Published on 08/12/2023