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A kind of magic

Three artists from three different countries (Italy, the United States, and Argentina) come together for the third exhibition of the season at PUNTO SULL’ARTE, a trio show of magical atmospheres and disenchanted glances at reality.

With his gestural painting expressed in soft brushstrokes, the American Brian Keith Stephens tells of the universal harmony between woman and nature, through dialogues between girls and animals that symbolise our emotions, placing his narratives in an uncertain space and in a suspended time. Claudia Giraudo also places figure and animal in dialogue, but she does so with a dense painting, full-bodied, created with layer upon layer, and primarily captures her subjects, usually girls, in the perfect moment between childhood and adolescence, while the animal that accompanies them and which they often embrace, almost identifying with it, appears like a guiding spirit to advise them in the choices of their upcoming adult life. The Argentinian Silvia Levenson also offers us hybrids of figures and animals, expressed in her chosen material: glass. But it is a disquieting narrative that unfolds through her works, where the magic reveals its own ambiguity and traps. With grace and delicacy, in the transparency of the glass, often expressed in soft colours, the artist shows us the hidden side of fairytales and the danger that often nests, for the woman, within the reassuring, everyday routine of family life.

Published on 13/11/2020

Tag: Brian Keith Stephens, CLAUDIA GIRAUDO, Silvia levenson