Falkenberg, Sweden, 1979

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Johannes Nielsen, who lives and works in China, creates mild and thready sculptures defined by an aesthetic minimalism, which transmits essentiality and motion. Delicate and light human and animal bodies made by taking inspiration from the trees, exceptional models which reproduce life, arms and legs. This kind of process results into stylized human and animal bodies, perfectly interwoven with nature, which recall atmospheres full of suasion that force us to remember that everything is uniquely and inevitably temporary. The ability of Nielsen is to leave us disoriented, balanced between the sensation of melancholy and optimism. And, if on the one hand, horses appear to us graceful, ready to gallop into the wilderness, his human figures so slender, often gathered in meditation, seem ready to sacrifice.

Johannes Nielsen was born in 1979 in Falkenberg (Sweden). In 2001 he began attending the Lund's Art School. In 2003 he moved to Dublin and became assistant of the famous sculptor Patrick O’Reilly, where he honed his sculptural practice. He has taken part in several art fairs and exhibitions in Europe, USA and Asia. His works are part of public and private collections in Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kaliningrad, Hollywood, Miami, New York and Montreal. In 2016 his works were exhibited at the Songzhuang Museum in Beijing for his first solo show there. In 2017 and 2021 some of his sculptures were exhibited at Art Stays, the International Festival of Contemporary Art that takes place every year in Ptuj (Slovenia). In 2021 he was also represented at Westbound Art Fair in Shanghai. Since 2007 he has based in Beijing where he lives together with his wife and daughter.