Arborea, 1945

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Shirts, cloths, colourful ties, Alberto Magnani’s art moves between the search for detail and the hyperrealistic representation of everyday life. The garments and their folds start from reality but tell much more about who has worn or will wear them. A metaphysical reflection on reality is what has always identified his stylistic figure. Men's clothing, such as ties and shirts, are not a symbol of a chauvinist society but of a universal and timeless elegance. After studying in the United States for years, Magnani's artistic research has gone beyond the mere American Pop Art by hiding a deeper meaning in his works.

Alberto Magnani was born in Arborea (Oristano) in 1945. In 1965 he graduated at the high school of Brera in Milan and in 1974 he visited the United States for the first time. During the 80’s he alternated between long working periods in New York and frequent stops in his atelier in Induno Olona. He took part in many art exhibitions in Italy, Europe and the United States and contributed to projects for editorial graphics. He lives and works in Varese.