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<20 15×15/20×20 | 2015

Inaugurated last year, the happy formula of the review <20 15x15 / 20x20 | Collection PUNTO SULL'ARTE sees this year's collection of 16 Artists from the Varesina gallery. Also in this Second Edition the artists received from the gallery square canvases, measures of 15x15 cm and 20x20 cm, on which they can freely express themselves without predefined themes and without technical limitations. Each of them expressed himself with his own poetics, using techniques ranging from oil painting and acrylic to that with graphite and charcoal, each through his own language and style. The final result is represented in a large group exhibition, with which the Galleria PUNTO SULL'ARTE concludes the exhibition season before the summer; a collection made up of unique, highly personal, unpublished works, created in a limited edition and on the same support.

Published on 15/07/2015

Tag: ALBERTO MAGNANI, ALEX PINNA, Andrea Mariconti, Arcangelo Ciaurro, Armando Fettolini, Emanuele Dascanio, Gabriele Buratti, JERNEJ FORBICI, Jürgen Durner, Luca gastaldo, MARIKA VICARI, MASSIMO CACCIA, MATTEO MASSAGRANDE, MATTHIAS BRANDES, PAOLO QUARESIMA