You're in: EXHIBITIONS | SEMI DI SPIRITO | Luca Gastaldo

Saturday, May 4 2024


Viale Sant'Antonio 59/61
Varese, Italy


May 4 - June 1, 2024


Tuesday - Saturday:
9:30 am-5 pm



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SEMI DI SPIRITO | Luca Gastaldo

PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery is pleased to present the solo exhibition SEEDS OF SPIRIT by LUCA GASTALDO. In this exhibition, Gastaldo takes us into the complex and magical universe of our imagination through his powerful and evocative painting.

The Opening reception will take place on SATURDAY, MAY 4th, from 11 am to 1 pm, at the Main Gallery, located at Viale Sant’Antonio 59/61 in Varese. This unmissable event will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Gastaldo’s work and discover his extraordinary talent.

The SEEDS OF SPIRIT in the title are the result of the stories that Gastaldo has collected from his childhood readings. These seeds represent the imaginary, the non-material part of our being, from which the artist draws to paint his canvases. His paintings are characterized by vivid romanticism and the search for lived experience that becomes matter. Each of Gastaldo’s paintings is illuminated by a source of light, whether it be an illuminated window, a moonbeam, the dawn, or the flickering of distant street lamps. This light represents the restless soul of the artist, the flame of creation, and the spark of memories transformed into matter.

Gastaldo paints blue skies, the color of introspection, deep feelings, and spirituality. His landscapes are often dominated by a thin strip of land, which becomes the foundation on which enchantment rises and memories of sounds, words, gestures, and tales manifest. Gastaldo’s canvases tell stories hidden deep within the human soul, layered in distant memories or evoked by a melody or a poetic verse.

In his artistic journey, Gastaldo is inspired by beloved writers, poets, and musicians such as Pascoli, Pavese, Louis Prima, Fats Domino, and Tracy Chapman. In his landscapes, the human being is rarely physically represented, but is the protagonist of the emotions conveyed by Nature. Gastaldo’s art creates a kind of ideal communion between spirit and matter, inviting the viewer to express their own emotions in front of the works, just as the artist did during their creation.

During the Vernissage, the artist will be present to meet the public and share their artistic vision. Do not miss the opportunity to participate in this unique event and admire Gastaldo’s works.

LUCA GASTALDO was born in Milan in 1983. He graduated in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and since 2006 he has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Italy and abroad, including La casa di questa mia sera (2008), La luce e il buio at the Galleria Bianca Maria Rizzi in Milan, Tra suggestioni romantiche e vibrazioni contemporanee at the European Parliament in Brussels (2010); Light and its opposite at the Bandera Foundation for Art in Busto Arsizio, Varese (2011) and the triple solo show Lucenergia at the PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery in Varese (2012). In recent years, the artist has been the protagonist of numerous solo exhibitions throughout the country and has frequently participated in trade fairs. Recent exhibitions include Anyway at home at the Rubin Gallery in Milan (2017) and Sinestesie at the PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery in Varese (2018). In Luca Gastaldo’s works, the great protagonist is always the sky, an immense illuminated backdrop against which stands a world made of shadows, of elements seen “against the light”, creating atmospheres that are full of emotions. The techniques are the most diverse, such as bitumen, rags, acrylics, brushes, chalks, but the result is always an almost uncontrolled development of the initial idea. Not incorporeal silhouettes, but perceptible volumes that, although hidden in the dark, are expressive, mobile, throbbing like thoughts when they clutter the spirit and frighten it a little. The images painted by Gastaldo are not trees, mountains or rivers but emotions, memories, desires. An authentically romantic painting with all its content of expected tragedy, fear of abandonment, attraction by the phenomena of nature, a powerful and still unknown element as are the emotions that have always disturbed our lives. He lives and works in Induno Olona (VA).


Luca Gastaldo