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BELVE | Massimo Caccia

“Belve”, the title chosen for the exhibition, is actually a play on meanings. The animals that inhabit the dazzling scenes of Massimo Caccia do not have a frightening aspect: even those that in nature we know as ferocious and dangerous, in these works generate in the viewers empathy and tenderness, at the point that they seem much more similar to us, human beings, than what we believe.

Artist with great narrative ability, in his new solo show in Varese, Caccia presents previously unexhibited works made of enamel colours on board together with original illustrations and sketches created for the well-known supplement of Corriere della Sera “laLettura”, with which he has collaborated since 2013. Works in which the form of his story has always been deeply linked with great writing and journalism. 

Published on 03/06/2022