You're in: FIERE | ArteGenova 2016

February, 12th-15th 2016

ArteGenova 2016

The 11th Edition of ArteGenova, dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art, will offer visitors a unique overview of more than 90 renowned Italian galleries, reconfirming the leading role gained in the art fair exhibition scenery of the Northwest Italy.

ArteGenova proposes a wide selection of masterpieces of Italian and international art to an audience of art enthusiasts and connoisseurs, in a path that will range from Expressionism to Surrealism, from Futurism to Dadaism, form Cubism to Abstractionism until reaching Spatialism, Conceptual Art and Pop Art, not to mention the Arte Povera, the Transavantgarde and all the most current expressions of Contemporary Art.

Matthias Brandes, Gabriele Buratti, Massimo Caccia, Daniele Cestari, Emanuele Dascanio, Ottorino De Lucchi, Marica Fasoli, Jernej Forbici, Jill Höjeberg, Federico Infante, Matteo Massagrande, Alex Pinna, Paolo Quaresima, Marika Vicari