Desio, 1970

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Massimo Caccia gives us hints, frames from a story whose prologue has already been written and leaves us to imagine its ending. His images are filled with a hypnotic and bewildering grace, seemingly a simple story, actually filled with falsehood and tricks. These are stories to which many meanings could be given, since each one of us owns a past which can be connected to it. What they all convey is a sense of dangling, of apnoea, not only for the aesthetic perfection of the technique, which generates a sorts of vacuum-sealed thoughts, but also for the little short circuits among the animals or between the animal and the objects. Caccia’s fairy tales seem to be written by a La Fontaine 2.0, being characterized by a measured irony and an architectural conception of surface and spaces.

Massimo Caccia was born in 1970 in Desio (Milan). In 1992 he graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy in Milan. He exhibits in many solo and group exhibitions and took part into important art fairs. Apart from painting, he creates, titles for short films, illustrates children’s books and deals with animation. He currently collaborates with the Corriere Della Sera creating illustrations for the Sunday insert La Lettura. In his spare time he takes common objects (tables, chairs, sofas) and transforms them into animals. Massimo Caccia lives and works in Vigevano (PV).