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October, 16th-19th 2015

ArtVerona 2015

With 2015 ArtVerona | Art Project Fair finds some important confirmations with respect to the refinement process undertaken. The 12th edition closes with a positive sign, both in terms of visitors and exhibitors (+ 10% of visitors). Registering a 20% growth in the number of collectors, in the sign of an overall increase in the event. The idea of ​​an 'expanded fair' was awarded by Andrea Bruciati, for the second year as artistic director, who promotes the Italian art system with initiatives that go beyond the days of the event, as well as investment in research and experimentation in a constant dialogue between modern and contemporary.
The operators recognize a precise scouting action: confirming this path, the Private Fund Acquisitions for Italian art and the Acquisitions Fund of the Domus Foundation, which together led to an investment of 150 thousand euros. The refinement concerned both the planning and the exhibit proposals: in this perspective the launch of the Display competition must be read, aimed at rewarding the two galleries with the best exhibition projects. The Collateral program constitutes the most experimental soul of the event and is enriched from year to year with new projects: Emilio Salgari has been the reference for many sections of ArtVerona; atupertu, an innovative format aimed at bringing the visitor interested in direct knowledge with the artists.
Confirmed the section dedicated to independent spaces, a unicum in the Italian trade fair scene, which saw Centrale Fies win the prize announced in collaboration with Artribune and AMIA ; as well as ICON , which will see the work In the silence of your bones by Robert Montgomery (2013) - proposed by the Galerie Analix Forever of Geneva - become the campaign image of ArtVerona 2016. Much appreciated are I been the choices of Fausto Melotti, as Master investigated for FOCUS XX, in collaboration with the Mart of Rovereto, and Some Velvet Drawings, the section dedicated to drawing, for ARTES, as well as I migrants of the art with a program of meetings for ArtVeronaTalk that has been a great success with the public. Not only that, the renewed collaboration with ANGAMC - National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries, and with some of the main national institutions (Castel Sant'Elmo of Naples, MAGA of Gallarate, MAN of Nuoro, Mart of Rovereto, MAXXI of Rome, Merano Arte di Merano, Museion of Bolzano, Museo Civico Giovanni Fattori of Livorno and Museum of Contemporary Art Villa Croce of Genoa) and of the territory, in collaboration with the Municipality of Verona - Museums of Art and Monuments, the Università degli Studi and the Scala Fine Arts Academy are other concrete indicators of the growth of the event.
As well as the entry of the entrepreneur Patrizia Moroso and the collectors Salvatore Mirabile and Michele Furlanetto in the Address Committee of Art Verona, for targeted and transversal comparisons, of thought, experience and vision.

Matthias Brandes, Massimo Caccia, Emanuele Dascanio, Ottorino De Lucchi, Jernej Forbici, Federico Infante, Matteo Massagrande, Alex Pinna, Matteo Pugliese, Paola Ravasio, Marika Vicari