Varese, 1978

Paola Ravasio born in 1978 in Varese. After having attended the School of Arts Frattini in her city, she moved to Carrara where she learned to work with marble. Back in Varese, she continued and expanded her research at Pietro Scampini's atelier. Her sculptures are the essence of energy, expressed through stretched muscles and tangled bodies, which constantly try to escape from the modular and geometrical structures entrapping them. This endless blending between static and sinuous shapes creates hard-hitting contrasts, though toned down by the smooth surfaces. Large and small works full of tension, an elixir of energy, vigour and personality.

Paola Ravasio realized various solo and group exhibitions in Italy, Ticino, Switzerland and participated to many Art Fairs (Verona, Genoa, Bergamo and Strasbourg). In 2014 she won the first edition of the Premio Sangregorio. One of her bronze sculptures is located in the public gardens in Sondrio. She lives and works in Caronno Varesino, near Varese.