Milan, 1969

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Matteo Pugliese is one of the most interesting and fascinating contemporary sculptors. Some of his works have been sold by the main auction houses - Christie's, Sotheby's, Pandolfini - always reaching good results. His works are warriors refined by classical suggestions yet prisoners of a brutal matter, seized during the culminating fight, the moment before liberation; explosions of contracted power sculpted into bronze.

Matteo Pugliese is born in Milan in 1969. In 1978 he moved to Sardinia with his family and, at the conclusion of his high school, he came back to Milan to attend University. He graduated in 2005 in Modern Letters with a thesis upon Art criticism. Since he was young he demonstrated an inclination towards painting and sculpture, fields which he analysed as a self-educated. He started his exhibitions in Milan in 2001, then realizing solo shows in Europe and Asia. His works have been presented at national and international exhibitions (Hong Kong, Madrid, Bologna, Milan, Paris) and are permanently exposed into Italian and foreign galleries (Rome, London, Lugano, New York, Brussels and The Hague). He lives and works between Milan and Barcelona.