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Being at the beginning of the third millennium, we should reconsider our relationship with animals. An opportunity could be the discovery (even if the collection exists and has been open to public for 4 years, it still seems like the finding of an artifact) of a legacy of stuffed animals. The first sensation felt in front of this kind of objects – even the choice of the term “objects” is painful, but which is the right word?- is an immediate sense of embarrassment. Why did they die? It is not an adequate explanation. Apart from the curiosity of observing very closely an example of male adult lion, or assay the real proportions between a polar bear and a polar wolf, the true sensation felt is guilt.

Published on 18/05/2014

Tag: ALICE ZANIN, Gabriele Buratti, MASSIMO CACCIA, Pittura, Quentin Garel, SCULTURA, vanni cuoghi