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Biancoscuro | Matteo Massagrande

Without knocking, an exhibition of light and atmospheres
Matteo Massagrande enchants with his intimate and poetic art

by Vincenzo Chetta

After exhibiting together with Van Gogh’s works at the prestigious Fralin Museum of Art in the United States, artist Matteo Massagrande returned to the PUNTO SULL’ARTE gallery in Varese for his solo exhibition entitled “Senza bussare”, which presents eighteen recent works of different sizes. The opening reception of the exhibition was on Saturday, March 23rd at the main gallery in Varese with the presence of the artist.

“When I love you, you can enter without knocking”, this is the verse of Hungarian poet Jòzsef Attila that inspired the title of the exhibition and indicates how in Massagrande’s painted rooms one can enter with absolute freedom, with the full ability to marvel at a detail, a color, an object. In the world of art, there are works that go beyond the simple visual representation of a landscape. Alongside interiors kissed by the first sun and verandas overlooking the blue sea, a body of work tells the story of Greece in its entirety. These works immerse themselves in the lights and smells of the Greek landscape, capturing the patches of green around the houses and the climbing plants in front of the entrances. The beauty of the Greek landscapes has been superbly reproduced thanks to a long and refined search for colors. This process has not only been an artistic exercise but has also become a philosophical endeavor, in which the artist has sought to capture not only the external aspect of the landscape but also the essence of Greece.

Massagrande is considered one of the leading exponents of the new Italian figurative painting. He lives and works between Padua and the Hungarian city of Hajós and distinguishes himself not only as a painter but also as an engraver and restorer. In his paintings, abandoned rooms play a central role. Light is the main protagonist, dancing among ancient arabesque floors, creating fascinating shadows and inviting the observer to reflect on the illusory concept of time. He represents a bridge between tradition and innovation, his work combines technical mastery and contemporary sensitivity, offering a fascinating exploration of light and time through his artworks.

For Massagrande, what gives life to a painting is a particular state of mind, not the emotion of the moment: “I have never wanted to freeze the moment, as was done in 19th-century Parisian painting, which fixed the instant and represented immobility, instead I would like the motion to become eternal. Mine are emphasized moments, in the paintings I weave the praise of everyday life, of normality – says the artist in the critical text by Mario Chiodetti for the exhibition.

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Published on 03/04/2024