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Oltre | Jernej Forbici

The health of the planet seen through the colors, shapes and materials of Jernej Forbici

Article on Oltre, La Prealpina, by Serena Colombo

An important title for a highly topical topic: Auri Sacra Fames is the event that for three days will see the presence of the Slovenian artist Jernej Forbici at PUNTO SULL’ARTE gallery in Varese.

For the occasion, Forbici exhibits an unprecedented cycle of paintings in which he uses particular materials such as goldleaf and oil. These are landscapes that invite reflection on the theme of the health of our planet.

The gold, which floods the landscape with light, actually has a negative meaning in reference to the title, a Latin maxim that translates and interprets the hunger for gold “that seduces and grips modern man to the point of total loss of self-control over his future and the environment”.

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Published on 25/01/2024