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Brian Keith Stephens

Maryland, Connecticut, USA, 1973

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Through oil painting and collage Brian Keith Stephens captures and blends the past, the present and the future together. His artistic investigation aspires to understand and deal with everyday thoughts, anxieties, joys and emotions. The evolution of his artistic journey looks to a more thorough investigation of the perception of one's identity and the way in which it affects daily emotions. He takes up the challenge with reality and wins it, creating mystical and alternative imaginaries from his imagination.

Brian Keith Stephens was born in 1973 in Maryland (USA). After study at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Art in Connecticut (USA) he continues his training in New York. Through his art he seeks to express his emotions directly. Simple images of animals and of the people that he loves, placed on abstract backgrounds created by overlays of large frantic brush strokes, assume an iconic value in his paintings. Since 2000 he has exhibited in solo shows and group exhibitions in the United States, Germany, France, Denmark, Holland and Bulgaria. He lives and works between Old Lye (Connecticut - USA) and Brooklyn (NYC - USA).