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Article on Oltre, La Prealpina, by Serena Colombo, page 23

Standing out against an orange sky, “Bernascone”, with its geometric bulk that here and there gives way to baroque convolutions. At its side, the motionless rhythm of the arcades of the old rationalist headquarters of  the Bank “Cassa di Risparmio”, made up of solids and voids, creates a sort of aesthetic short circuit. The same metaphysical porticoes, motionless and silent, of Mario Loreti’s Civic Tower, with serizzo mirrors. These are the monuments of Varese according to the brush of Mauro Reggio.

Opening reception this Saturday, H:11-13, of the solo exhibition entitled Un-reality, at PUNTO SULL’ARTE’s main gallery.

“It’s the first time I’ve told the story of Varese through my works,” the artist tells us. “I found many interesting glimpses for my research, because architectures of different styles and eras interact with each other. Varese is a classic Italian city with arcades, which mark the rhythm and refer to an imagery between metaphysics and surrealism”. “I’m interested in the geometric shape of things, that’s why I chose the landscape,” Reggio tells us.

Attending the Art School and then the Academy, I worked a lot on life painting. Models, still lifes, nude posed objects. Then I looked out the window. I encountered the architecture, the landscape that was combined with the poetics of the Roman school, of the works of Mafai and Capogrossi”.

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Published on 15/02/2024