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VIRTUAL TOUR | Apparizioni | Federico Infante

FEDERICO INFANTE (Chile 1982) returns to Europe with his rarefied and dreamy painting for a solo show that presents a series of unexhibited works at PUNTO SULL’ARTE Art Gallery in Varese. Infante, today resident in the United States, in recent years has gained international recognition as one of the most intense artists of his generation.

He has developed an entirely personal and recognisable style that mixes the strong gestures typical of expressionism with a figuration dense with dreamlike suggestions. On one hand he treats the canvas as an abstractionist, indulging in informal painting that is often characterised by automatism; on the other hand he superimposes onto this almost unintentional process a rational aspect that paradoxically seeks to represent visions of the unconscious. The result is unsettling, superimposing the lightness of dreams onto the scratched material of the background. Hence the title of the show, “Apparizioni”, which refers to the almost phantasmatic appearance of the painted figures, caught in moments of disorientation in front of the vastness of the sea or the sky or the surrounding landscape.

Published on 31/03/2023