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Dentrocasa | Federico Infante


Article by Gianbattista Bonazzoli

The intrinsic balance between the expressive act of painting and the mystery of experiences related to spirituality

Federico Infante was born in Santiago de Chile in 1982, he devoted himself mainly to painting, in 2002 he graduated in Fine Arts at Finis Terrae University (Santiago, Chile) and in 2013 he completed the Master in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

“The layers of color, the expressive exercise of scratching and removing paint, the possibilities of creating infinite gradual combinations, the numerous reasonings to use light and shadow whenever your intuition suggests it and the act, always unique, of trying to balance figurative and abstract elements have become, over the years, part of a vocabulary built in the language of painting created for the sole purpose of telling the stories I had to tell”.


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Published on 17/03/2023