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TABI IL VIAGGIO parte I | Tom Porta

The concept of “journey” – and the word TABI is that which expresses it in the most poetic way – encompasses all the elements of the new exhibited works. Porta always uses an aesthetic model to stimulate thought, in such a way that the viewers give their own meaning to the work. And so it is that Japan, the Japanese world and way, are appropriate tools for a reflection on time, beauty and our socio-cultural evolution.

 In Japan it is customary to use an expression, an image to represent a concept. This is what I have been developing for some years with my research, creating works that stop both time and the observer, and stimulate thinking on aesthetics that is not only historical but, above all, contemporary, in a world, our Western world, where the boundaries of beauty and sometimes of decency are now so blurred as to be imperceptible. Equally there is sensitivity, education, concepts and behaviours which also have such broad boundaries that we have lost our sense of care, courtesy and kindness. The Artist constantly tries to include all of this in every work. Not only in the final result, in the finished work, but along the way, in the individual brushstroke, in the encounter between the brushes and the canvas, the touching of the colours, their consistency and overlapping.


Published on 17/05/2023