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Artist Interviews 2023 | Annalù 

Interview by Laura Siebold

Annalù Boeretto is an Italian artist based in Venice, Italy. We first encountered Annalu’s work at The LA Art Show in February 2023. Especially the artist’s “Dreamcatchers”, fine art sculptures made of resin glass, Murano glass, paper, and inks caught our eye. Annalu’s sculptures, and corresponding NFT art, invites the viewer into a dreamlike state, a journey through space and time. Her “Dreamcatchers” seem to have no beginning, and no end, but exist in a metamorphic realm of three-dimensionality. I n her interview, the artist tells us more about the vision behind her art, concepts of temporality and timelessness, and the artistic legacy of her poetic work.

Published on 06/05/2023