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Amongst her most iconic and powerful artworks, the Dreamcatchers that seem to be generated by an explosion, “an explosion which however disperses without ever deflagrating – as written by the art curator Angelo Crespi – the embedded centrifugal force finds a balance in the centripetal force, so that one’s glance is compelled to the outer and, falling back, the inner, in a continuous struggle between concentration and dissipation, an ocular motion intensified by the whirling progress of the elements which hold it in fragile equilibrium, butterflies and leaves, first in an intense colour, towards the centre, and then always more rarefied at the edges.”

In all Annalùs artworks resist unbearable lightness, the transparency, the material that seems to breath, the sublime yet concrete liquidity: characteristics that permit the artist to give a lyrical and dreamlike character to her works, the trees of the bonsai series “shaken by the wind” and “weeping” (Fukingashi and Kengai), Liquid flowers, or even Light discs and Water books.

Published on 25/11/2022