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VIRTUAL TOUR | Alchemica | Annalù

An exhibition that seeks to take stock of the Venetian artist’s entire artistic journey and present the new paths she has undertaken in recent years.

Her shapes are metamorphic, imaginary architectures, which are lyrical and evocative, created with an almost alchemical process through which glass, synthetic resins, papers and other materials merge to mold a magma which is dense but, at the same time, transparent, light and equally resistant.

Amongst her most iconic and powerful artworks, the Dreamcatchers that seem to be generated by an explosion, “an explosion which however disperses without ever deflagrating – as written by the art curator Angelo Crespi – the embedded centrifugal force finds a balance in the centripetal force, so that one’s glance is compelled to the outer and, falling back, the inner, in a continuous struggle between concentration and dissipation, an ocular motion intensified by the whirling progress of the elements which hold it in fragile equilibrium, butterflies and leaves, first in an intense colour, towards the centre, and then always more rarefied at the edges.”

Published on 23/12/2022