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<20 15×15/20×20 | COLLEZIONE PUNTO SULL’ARTE 2014

They have received from our gallery square format canvases -15×15 / 20×20 cm – on which they could freely express themselves without themes and without technical constraints.
The Artists had to prove themselves on such a small format, apparently with little complexity, but that in some cases has created several challenges considering that not all of them has the habit of working with such reduced size. Each one of them has materialized with his own poetry using techniques ranging from painting to sculpture to photography, each through their own language and their own style.
The end result is represented in a group exhibition; a collection of unique works strongly personal, unpublished, produced in limited edition, and except for the sculptures, created on the same support.
The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue – PUNTO SULL’ARTE Edition.

Published on 15/07/2014

Tag: ALBERTO BORTOLUZZI, Andrea Morucchio, Antonio Pizzolante, Arcangelo Ciaurro, Armando Fettolini, Davide Balossi, Jacqueline Dengler, JERNEJ FORBICI, Liliana Cecchin, Luca gastaldo, Marcello Corrà, Maria Teresa Gonzalez Ramirez, MARIKA VICARI, Mario Branca, MATTHIAS BRANDES, Nicola Biondani, Paola Ravasio, Paul Kaminski, TOMÁS MARTÌNEZ SUÑOL