You're in: EXHIBITIONS | <20 15×15/20×20 | 2023

Thursday, June 22, 2023, from 5 pm to 8 pm



June 22–July 29, 2023
2023 | X Edition




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<20 15×15/20×20 | 2023

The Exhibition <20 15×15/20×20 | 2023 will take place in June for its 10th Edition. Iconic format and highly awaited appointment for the public of PUNTO SULL’ARTE and for all art lovers. Opening reception THURSDAY, JUNE 22 from 5 pm to 8 pm at PUNTO SULL’ARTE – Viale Sant’Antonio, 59/61 in Varese (Casbeno).

For the 10th anniversary edition 17 artists have been invited: Paolo AMICO, Jean-Marc AMIGUES, Matthias BRANDES, Massimo CACCIA, Vanni CUOGHI, Pino DEODATO, Valentina DIENA, Claudio FILIPPINI, Luca GASTALDO, Claudia GIRAUDO, Andrea GNOCCHI, Jill HÖJEBERG, L’orMa, Matteo MASSAGRANDE, Sabrina MILAZZO, Tom PORTA, Tomàs SUNYOL. Some of whom have already been hosted by PUNTO SULL’ARTE: others on the other hand, such as Paolo Amico, Valentina Diena and L’orMa, are presented for the first time. Even Vanni Cuoghi and the sculptor Jill Höjeberg, previous exhibitors in the gallery, had never tried the small format before. Furthermore, for the occasion, in addition to the official exposition in the gallery’s historic location in viale Sant’Antonio in Casbeno, there will be an appendix in its second location in via San Martino della Battaglia 6 in Varese with a selection of works from previous editions on display.

It is an uninterrupted line of ideas, colours and moods that crosses the rooms at PUNTO SULL’ARTE Gallery, a powerful and pointed gesture that allows the viewer to discover seventeen different worlds, domes of dreams like profound reflections on today, utopias and excavations into the most hidden self. The exhibition <20 15×15/20×20 has been running for ten years now, and since 2014 has seen the alternation of many artists of different nationalities, not at all afraid to try their hand at the small format, but rather proactive and curious about the result, an outcome of great quality and a strong expressive imprint. Sofia Macchi and her staff never set limits on creativity: no constraints on subject or even on technique, maximum freedom, the involved painters and sculptors probably the first to be surprised by these works that, even in a few centimetres, manage to make us think and create ideas for a debate on art that always seeks new paths and highlights the lights and shadows of modernity.

Among the themes addressed by the artists in this collective, there is that of the urban landscape, investigated in-depth by the ballpoint pen of the Sicilian PAOLO AMICO, with his nocturnal scenes cloaked in dazzling colours, by JEAN-MARC AMIGUES, with glimpses that unite reality and the imaginary, and by ANDREA GNOCCHI, who has this time taken on the depiction of modern domestic interiors, refined lofts with 70s décor.

A super colourful and tactile Varese is “discovered” by TOMÀS SUNYOL, its forms unveiled by colour: instead LUCA GASTALDO’s landscapes are crepuscular, changing colour, while MATTHIAS BRANDES gives time for reflection, exploring the symbolic value of the home, where memories find refuge and protection. And domestic interiors, apparently abandoned, are the dominant theme of MATTEO MASSAGRANDE’s painting, master of light. Also CLAUDIO FILIPPINI plays with light, conjurer of emotions that appear and disappear like mirages, and creator of sunny landscapes and references to cartoon puppets. Suspended between painting and sculpture, PINO DEODATO places man at the centre of his endeavours, in a space suspended between fantasy and reality, while JILL HÖJEBERG encloses man’s essence in abstract forms, and VANNI CUOGHI materialises dreams and visions, setting out towards parallel and fantastic worlds, placing painted paper inserts into the picture and transporting the viewer into a world of illusion.

Here then are MASSIMO CACCIA’s reassuring and colourful animals, those sculpted in dazzling white paper by L’orMa alongside others in which the colour gives a fantastic iridescence, the “frosted” cartoon characters by SABRINA MILAZZO’s painting, the small everyday objects and the plastic soldiers rendered with maniacal care in coloured pencil by VALENTINA DIENA. CLAUDIA GIRAUDO delves into her inner world, seeking answers in the pure faces of girls and in the mystery of their guiding spirit, while TOM PORTA invites us to travel back to the fantastic Japan of the nineteenth century, giving us back the experience of the geishas with moving photographic precision.

More than 60 artworks presented as a continuous line through the large rooms at the ground floor of the gallery with the aim of creating continuity not only between the artists and their works, but also among the spaces of the gallery. The first room is dedicated to the smaller format 15×15 cm, while the second is destined to the bigger format 20×20 cm.

A BILINGUAL CATALOGUE with the reproduction of the images of the works on show and the biographies of the artists will be created by PUNTO SULL’ARTE.


Paolo Amico, Jean-marc Amigues, Matthias Brandes, Massimo Caccia, Vanni Cuoghi, Pino Deodato, Valentina Diena, Claudio Filippini, Luca Gastaldo, Claudia Giraudo, Andrea Gnocchi, Jill Höjeberg, Matteo Massagrande, Sabrina Milazzo, L’orma, Tom Porta, Tomàs Sunyol