Tolosa, 1965

Jean-Marc Amigues was born in 1965 in Toulouse. His passion for drawing and painting dates back to his youngest age. But art remains a hobby, a discreet passion, yet very present, to which he prefers studies in Medicine, specialty rheumatology.

His drawings then are faithful representations and strictly identical to the real models. But soon, this relation to reality will give rise to doubts in his work. Inspired by the painter Gerhard Richter, Jean-Marc Amigues will draw his new style, a new project, to make reality abstract, to "get to something abstract from something real”. As if to counteract his entire Hyperrealist period, Jean-Marc Amigues decides to blur, distort, destructure the image he takes as a model. The artist's ambition is no longer to show a faithful copy of what he sees and draws, but a multitude of things, images, shapes and meanings. From the classic realist portrait to the one he distorts, the basic image remains the same, but it is what the viewer's gaze will construct in areas of shadows or blurs that interests and captivates him. What the artist expects is for the viewer's imagination to come and fill this "void", to recreate "his" image, "his" reality. As if the artist wanted to remind us that the origin of things, of the world, of painting, can only subsist in a hidden state. Besides his profession as a doctor, Jean-Marc Amigues has taken part in some exhibitions in France and has exhibited in many art fairs in Europe and all over the world. He lives and works in Toulouse, France.