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Assenza Essenza

During the last part of this millennium, Art has deeply demonstrated his ability of deploying itself into different voices: form neopop to neosurrealism, passing through the last edges of a rediscovered figurativism, up to cultured quotations and the first wailings of abstract art.
Among these voices, there is a cross group of artists who have chosen to express by subtracting. We are not dealing with a minimalism based upon void or fruitless geometries. We are approaching a more subtle and profound technique; the ability of carrying the audience through unexpected paths in order to answer some contemporary dilemmas.
These artists were able, through absence, to seize the essence, the roots and heart of reality.
Three artists of this kind were chosen for this exhibition. Two Italian painters, characterized by an intense existence, and a Swedish sculptor, whose works evoke a mystic poetry. […]

Published on 09/04/2014